Building Exceptional Experiences with Privacy at the Forefront – Marketing & IT Collaboration

As marketers, we are used to delivering engaging experiences by understanding communication preferences, historical shopping behavior or seasonality trends. However, the swim lane of the ‘data steward’ is now blurring, with responsibility and access to customer data extending across functions and agencies. IT and privacy teams are leaning on the marketing groups now more than ever to understand consumer privacy, consent management and customer data best practices. Join Adobe and Bounteous in this informative session as we discuss how to streamline your customer data management implementations by collaborating with your IT organization at the onset.

Industry experts will discuss:

• Why consumer privacy and data governance strategies need to be considered for customer data platform (CDP) evaluations.

• How to be prepared as a marketer to support your IT organizations at the onset of implementation.

• The benefits to marketing organizations if consent strategy centralized.

• Proactive steps to increase your team’s competency and confidence for responsible customer data management.

• Embedding concepts and execution of data governance and consumer consent within use cases across any industry.

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