You are hearing about Artificial Intelligence (AI) everywhere these
days. Many industry leaders would consider it the go-to solution
for cost savings. AI in healthcare can be a powerful tool, but it can
be overwhelming, especially if you are just beginning your journey.
You may be contemplating how to initiate discussions with your
team and get your organization into the right mindset to adopt AI.
Building trust is crucial as AI becomes increasingly prevalent, and
it’s essential to address the stakeholder concerns. While discussing
how healthcare organizations approach AI is important, we must
continuously prioritize how our consumers – patients and their
caregivers – perceive AI as we look to introduce it into our

Join us for a conversation where we’ll unravel the latest AI
advancements, provide guidance on preparation, and share
recommendations for trusted and secure implementations.
In this webinar you will learn about:

  • How to initiate your organization’s AI journey by uncovering strategic entry points, navigating conversations with your
    teams, and identifying practical steps to kickstart your AI
  • The cutting-edge use cases tailored for healthcare settings,
    emerging trends and patient/consumer perceptions
  • Tips and tricks for smooth integration of AI into your care
    services and making sure your teams are on board

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