Building Applications With Snowpark for Dummies

Build Apps Quickly and Cost-Effectively With Snowpark

Today’s organizations are building modern data-intensive and AI-enriched applications to gain a competitive advantage. But there are major compute challenges involved in processing large volumes of complex and dynamic data from different sources, analyzing it with AI and ML models, and presenting insights so that customers or employees can make better decisions and perform smarter actions.

This book reveals how Snowpark leverages the Snowflake Data Cloud to help developers overcome these challenges to build, deploy, and monetize applications quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

Highlights include:

  • What modern applications require
  • Using the Snowflake Data Cloud to develop apps
  • Why use Snowflake to build apps
  • What you can build with Snowpark
  • The benefits of building with Snowpark
  • How to get started with Snowpark