Data Cloud Academy:
Generative AI and LLM School

Welcome to the Data Cloud Academy for both executives and developers looking for an introduction to the power of LLMs and other Generative AI on your data.

AI is causing a fundamental shift across enterprises and driving new business opportunities across multiple business units. This program includes curated content from Snowflake Summit 2023 and Snowday 2023 for executives and developers to execute on short-term opportunities as well as define a vision for the enterprise LLM platform needed to continue seizing the opportunity in the long run.

Learn from industry leaders including NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang about the opportunities, challenges, and considerations that need to be addressed to capture value from Generative AI with content across three tracks:

  • Builder’s Guide: Using LLMs for Analytics and App Development
  • Data Executive’s Guide: The Opportunities and Challenges of Generative AI & LLMs
  • Enterprise AI Platform: Snowflake Features for Generative AI