Getting eCommerce right in the 2020s

In the past year, online shopping behaviours and preferences have continued to change. 87% of shoppers surveyed say the things they care about are affecting how and where they shop. Consumers are also visiting websites more frequently before purchasing.

To get the most out of online shopping’s continuous growth – retailers need to understand the wants and needs of consumers.

We’ve dug deeper into how consumer behaviours are changing. In a survey covering 12 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, almost 10,000 respondents shared their online shopping preferences. Download the full report to find out:

  • The ‘how, when and way’ of shopping online in 2021 and beyond
  • What exceptional eCommerce experiences look like, from website content to personalisation
  • A growth in micro-experiences and how to respond to it
  • The rise of the considered, mindful shopper – and how retailers need to respond
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