The State of CX Maturity: Advancing CX Maturity Is a Mission-critical Mandate

This eBook looks at learnings from a survey of APAC-based respondents in the Mid-Market and Enterprise segments to discuss how, and to what degree, an organization’s adoption of customer service best practices improves its ability to deliver superior customer experience (CX) and better support its service teams. It also explores how improved capabilities are correlated with dramatically better business outcomes. Finally, it covers observed year-over-year CX trends.

A lot goes into delivering a great customer experience (CX), but it can be hard to know where to make the most strategic investments. To help businesses make good, data-driven decisions, Zendesk partnered with ESG Research to build a framework around CX maturity and CX success. The findings are summarized in this report: The State of CX Maturity among Midsize and Enterprise Companies: Research Shows Advancing CX Maturity is a Mission-critical Mandate.

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