CX Trends 2022

Improve your bottom line by putting customers at the top

Businesses already see the ROI potential of customer service, but there’s still work to do. Learn how to tackle this year’s challenges and tap into the profit power of customer service.

Leaders must prioritize customer service

70% of organizations see a direct connection between customer service and performance, but 40% say it isn’t prioritized by their C-Suite staff. Leadership must make the link between support teams and bottom line impact.

The role of service teams needs to change

71% of leaders report that their agents are essential to driving sales. Customer service leaders should go beyond solving problems and transform their organization by fostering profitable growth.

Businesses have to meet customer expectations

Over 60% of consumers say that last year’s crisis raised the standard for customer service, but 54% feel that organizations still treat it as an afterthought. Growth depends on building better customer experiences

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