The 2021 Security Outcomes Study

Get proven success factors for your security program based on data from 4,800 security experts

We asked respondents about their organization’s adherence to 25 security practices spanning governance, strategy, spending, architecture, and operations.

We then asked about each program’s level of success across roughly a dozen high-level security objectives or outcomes organized into three main categories:

  • Enabling the business
  • Managing risk
  • Operating efficiently

Next, we conducted extensive multivariate analysis to identify security practices that correlate strongly with successful program-level outcomes.

We’ve broken down their answers into best practices, and determined which have the most impact on security outcomes and objectives.

In other words: based on what your organization wants to achieve in security, these are things you should be doing to increase your chances of success. You’ll learn which security practices rank most effective, and which are making the least difference. We found quite a few unexpected correlations. Get the study to learn more.

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