All the benefits of a Secure Web Gateway and more

The traditional, on-premise Secure Web Gateway (SWG) was designed to block threats, enforce your policies, and deliver secure internet to workers. But between ransomware, malware and other threats — including insecure apps being used across your network — can your traditional SWG keep up?

New threats demand new approaches, and the modern SWG, or secure internet gateway, is so much more than a VPN alternative.

In our free ebook on SWG, you’ll learn:

  • What’s included in a modern, cloud-based SWG
  • Why traditional SWGs are falling behind
  • How modern SWGs blend security with network functionality
  • How to secure your SD-WAN fabric in just minutes

With a modern SWG, you’ll get all the threat-blocking performance with none of the complexity. Our ebook explains how.

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