Future Insights 2022

As we move into 2022, we naturally reflect on the previous 12 months. We saw organizations cement the plans they had hurriedly put in place, or in some cases, unpick the flaws and rebuild. Meanwhile cybercriminals did not let up, and many more high-profile attacks, breaches, and techniques appeared during the year.

But what lies in store for us in the year ahead? In the Future Insights report, Forcepoint subject matter experts and thought leaders offer five predictions on the trends and events they believe will come to the fore in 2022. Download the report to learn how:

  • Cyberattacks Become Part of the Military Arsenal
  • Are We Ready for Mass-Market Malicious Updates?
  • Understanding Risk Means Understanding the Workforce
  • The Rise of Tractor Hackers and Smart City Attackers
  • The Curtain Rises on the Age of Prevention

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