The rise of product ops and what it means for the enterprise

Operations (“Ops”) functions are nothing new. Sales ops, marketing ops, and business ops roles have been prevalent in tech for decades. Now, the product has an operations capacity of its own: product ops.

While product ops roles are currently a relative rarity, conditions are right for this position to grow dramatically in the near future. And soon, product ops might find itself on equal footing with its popular predecessors.

This e-book covers the basics of the product ops function, why it’s on the rise, and where it fits within the larger product environment. We also share thoughts from practitioners of this fairly new field and offer advice for getting started with product ops. You’ll learn:

  • The qualitative and quantitative metrics product ops cares about, including customer feedback, NPS, stickiness, and top feature requests
  • What makes someone a “shadow” product ops person (and whether you might be one yourself)
  • The core responsibilities of the product ops role and how they relate to overall strategic objectives
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