2022 State of Fraud & Account Security Report

Arkose Labs has been publishing our fraud and abuse report since 2019 to help fraud and security teams learn the latest motivations and tactics of attackers.

In our 2022 State of Fraud & Account Security Report, we’ve compiled the top 6 digital fraud and account security trends from 2021, captured from over 150 billion sessions across the Arkose Labs Global Network.

Fueled by high monetization potential and sophisticated bot attack orchestration, interactions such as logins, registrations, and in-platform actions were 4x more likely to be attacked than the year prior.

Download the 2022 State of Fraud & Account Security Report today to learn the latest attack insights, including:

  • Today’s bot signatures are 3x more complex than seen in previous Years
  • Industries including travel, media, and financial services saw 2X+ multiplier attack rates
  • A single, volatile attack can consume nearly 80% of traffic
  • Metaverse pioneers are more likely to be targeted by master-level fraudsters

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