How a Leading Financial Firm Evolved into Global Markets
With a Trusted Employer of Record

Holding on to key resources is a major challenge for companies expanding globally. Mount Street found the solution

Mount Street, a leading financial firm, planned to expand globally, they realized there are many moving parts to consider, like hiring and onboarding international teams, holding on to existing employees, payroll setup, and, country-specific rules and regulations. To achieve all of the above, the company knew they would have to jump through various compliance hoops.

That’s why Mount Street delegated the process of employee relocation and global expansion to Globalization Partners.

“Our managing director and chief financial officer for Mount Street, sees the partnership with Globalization Partners as a great opportunity for Mount Street to no longer view a country as a road block for the company’s continued expansion. Through our recent experience working with Globalization Partners, we are much more confident about what we can do and that it will be done right,” said Christa Simpson-Wong, Executive Director, Human Resources at Mount Street Portfolio Advisers GmbH.

Read about how Mount Street can now:

  • View international growth as a strategic opportunity, rather than an employee challenge.
  • Easily retain and relocate their existing key team members globally.
  • Expand their company footprint internationally.
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