Heading Back to the Office or Staying Remote? Look Before You Leap.

Have you made The Decision we’re all talking about in 2021?

Global leaders are mulling over the hardships and advantages of making a hard commitment to either heading back to the office or staying remote long term.

As a business owner, executive, or HR professional in today’s employee-centric workplace, your company must plan a clear team retention strategy. Plus, whether you opt for in-person office work, a hybrid model, or long-term remote work, you’ll need new productivity mechanisms.

Interested? Here’s what you’ll explore in the session:

  • Employee turnover and retention: How to keep your teams close
  • Office space and/or hybrid space: Exciting emerging models that leaders need to know about
  • Health and safety protocols: The best ways to make your employees feel safe and work securely
  • Productivity protection: How to keep capacity high


Our panelists and industry leaders in HR and technology will help you decide:

  • Which office choices make business sense, and which are arbitrary.
  • If pivoting to a new workforce model is right for your team.
  • How to match culture and protocols to your ideal strategy.
  • How to build flexibility into a plan, in case of new trends or lockdowns.
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